Effective Communications & Social Networking Workshop – Predictable Behavior Leads to Predictable Results.

Often before we communicate with some of the most important people in our lives, (teachers, parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, bosses) we predict the outcome of the conversation before we say one word. In many cases we predict a negative or unsatisfactory outcome. In other situations we take actions already knowing the consequences of our predictable behavior, yet have difficulty modifying the behavior that causes the unsatisfactory result.  Nearly 50% of 18-24 year olds are not employed after 1 year due in large part problems communicating effectively. This 4 hour workshop informs participants to understand why they communicate in a specific way and the impact (positive or negative) their communication will have on others. It also explores methods and strategies to manage predictable behaviors and understand the behavior of others to affect a more successful outcome.


Information is Power – Technology and Internet Education Workshop

Computers and the Internet provide a means for everyone to have access to a world of information and knowledge. These tools are the great social and economic equalizer of the 21st Century and have created more millionaires and billionaires than any other technology in history. The opportunity for young people to not only develop but satisfy their intellectual curiosity is limitless.  This 2 hour workshop will inspire students to use technology as a tool for learning not only in the classroom but also outside of the classroom.  The goals are to learn the basics of a computer, key productivity applications, how to protect computers and user identity, and how to effectively and safely search the Internet to expand their universe of opportunities and possibilities.


Dressing for Success Workshop – Does your personal style prevent you from getting a job? –

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”. It should read a “lasting impression”. Most employers believe how you’re dressed on your interview is a good as its going to get. A newly hired employee was asked not to wear her long nails in the workplace by her employer. The employee stated, “He had no right to tell her what her nails should look like”. She was fired for not obeying the reasonable orders of a supervisor. Your personal style is secondary to the employers dress policies and how they want to present their company to their customers or clients. Many employers will also check your social media and internet presence to try to determine the hidden you and who your friends are. The Dress for Success Module heightens a student’s awareness of dress and presence on their future opportunities. This 1 hour workshop also explores the different dress styles required to work in various workplace settings and stresses the importance of dressing for success.


 Field Trip to a Business– 4 hour Trip

This field trip provides an opportunity for a class to leave the classroom to see class-related experiences away from the school campus. This short-term visit to a business expands the learning opportunities for participating students. The field trip allows students to observe and investigate activities related to a specific subject and career development objective. It extends the learning environment beyond the school facility, thus emphasizing the relationship between school and work. Students are provided the opportunity to gain knowledge of careers related to a specific subject area and to better understand the community in which they live. Field trips strengthen partnerships with school and business, and reinforce the fact that “what is being learned in school will be needed in the world of work.